One Pocket

  • "The BIG One!" - 100K Posted! Race to 40, 1-Pocket

    12 videos

    "The BIG One!" - 2017's most explosive action match between Dennis 'RoboCop' Orcollo and Tony 'T-Rex' Chohan which, took place at California Billiards in Fremont, during The West Coast Swing Tournaments and Action on Each player was required to post a $50,000 wager with the winne...

  • "Busti vs Chohan - A One Pocket Smash Up!"

    8 videos

    Two of the greatest action players of our generation face off for $15,000 each, playing a 3-day, race to 21 one-pocket challenge that is sure to leave you hanging by the edge of your chair!

  • Meanwhile at Hard Times - (One Pocket)

    1 season

    Sweat the monthly action from Hard Times Billiards featuring, a regular mix of the toughest competition from Southern California, sprinkled with a few surprise appearances of the world's best pool players who happen to be passing through town.

  • WCS '18 / West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket / Hot Seat

    In 2017, we had "The BIG One!" / Now, Tony Chohan and Dennis Orcollo meet again in 2018 to earn the Hot Seat for this year's 2018 West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket Tournament - with commentary by John Henderson and Kent Davis. Streamed and Recorded at California Billiards on July 8th, 2018.


  • WCS '18 / West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket / Semi-Final

    Shane VanBoening shows some definite improvement to the game of One-Pocket in the past year, since losing to Tony Chohan in last year's action match (Coming soon to POV Premium), something has got into Shane to want redemption. Commentary with Daniel Busch, John Henderson and Chris Swart. Recorde...

  • WCS '18 / West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket / FINAL

    Shane makes it to the Finals! Tony Chohan knocked Shane to the 1-loss side on the first day of this event and now, 2 days and 8 matches later, The South Dakota Kid, has a chance to make things right against Tony 'T-Rex' Chohan! Recorded on July 8th, 2018 at California Billiards. Commentary with: ...

  • Hot Seat! Jim Tomassoni vs Dave Gross / 2018

    Dave Gross, considered one of the favorites for this event and, rightly so, playing for the Hot Seat against the defending champion, Jim Tomassoni - With commentary from Alvin Nelson, Tom Wirth and Jay Helfert; recorded on June 3rd, 2018 at California Billiards

  • Jerry Matchin vs Jim Tomassoni - One Pocket FINAL

    Join us in the booth with commentary by: Robert Newkirk, John Rawski and Bille Miller as we sweat this 5 hour monster, final match!